A Nordic uniqueness that inspires the Puyjalon Distillery day after day

The North Shore, more particularly the Havre-Saint-Pierre region, offers a rich and varied flora. Due to its arid northern climate, tempered by the tides, on a soil mixed with limestone and granite, a host of unique native plant species can be found here.

Located north of the 50th parallel, our summers are short, but extremely sunny, which favors the emergence of flavors of wild berries, of which artisanal picking is a local tradition. A tradition which, once combined with our know-how and our passion, allows us to make you discover 100% natural flavors. Each product from our distillery is an invitation to savor the unique taste of the Côte-Nord.

The Nordic spirits of the Puyjalon Distillery are mainly composed of products and aromatics specific to the North Shore.


Lingonberry and its very pleasant bitter taste is a small fruit of the cranberry family. It grows north of the 50th parallel in arctic peatlands. It contains tannins and vitamin C, in addition to being very rich in antioxidants. Its properties are known to help control blood sugar levels in diabetics. Its antibacterial properties, for their part, help prevent infections. Its taste, neither too sweet nor too bitter, is very present in our Nordic Ruby and goes wonderfully in a Negroni.


Also called chicoutai, which means “beaver food” or briar, the plaquebière was much appreciated by the first adventurous sailors of the North Shore as protection against scurvy because of its high content of Vitamin C. Its content rich in benzoic acid acts as a natural preservative. Hand picked in the traditional way from the peat bog plains a few steps from the distillery, freshness guaranteed!

Labrador tea

This plant specific to the boreal forest has been appreciated for centuries by the First Nations who smoked it in the traditional peace pipe. Native people also used to infuse it into a drink to fight colds, tuberculosis, dizziness, heartburn, kidney problems and even ... hangovers! Perfect for our Nordic adventurers!

Dune pepper

Dune pepper has a rich and extremely complex scent. Its lemony, woody, resinous and fir-tree side recalls the freshness of the boreal forest where it comes from. Its floral aroma, close to wild rose, almost invaluable, goes very well with our Betchwan gin.


Chaga is one of the most nutrient-dense mushrooms in the world. It grows on yellow birch trees in Quebec and draws its strength from its ability to survive extreme weather conditions. Chaga is rich in nutrients, B vitamins and its antioxidant properties give it great power against aging. Extremely rich in melanin and keratin, it helps regenerate and protect cells. It is as much an antioxidant as it is a natural digestive remedy. Our chaga is hand picked on the mythical Anticosti Island.

Balsam Myrique

Sweet balm, which is found in many regions of Quebec, grows in abundance north of the 50th parallel. Its leaves are aromatic and give off a very pleasant smell. There are notes of peppery perfume with salty notes and certain fragrances which may recall nutmeg. This plant was used in the preparation of beer in the Middle Ages. It is now used in our Betchwan and Betchwan Réserve d'Henry gins as well as in our Rubis Nordique liqueur.

Scottish Lovage

Also called sea parsley, this coastal plant secretes a substance that protects it from the sun and preserves the salty flavors. This is the secret behind the marine taste of our Betchwan gin.