Explore our roots

Our distillery takes its name from the French Count Henry de Puyjalon, adventurer, naturalist by passion, writer in his spare time, and solitary by choice. A sophisticated and urban man of his time, he chose the solitude of a wild island lost in the Gulf of St. Lawrence to live out his passions.

From a noble family in France, he left Paris in 1874 for Quebec. With an undeniable interest in a life far from everything and in balance with a wild nature, he faces the harshness, but also the purity of Canada's northern territories.   

After a financial failure in a quarry business in Quebec, he decided to make his first expeditions and adventures on the North Shore. Then called the Canadian Labrador, this cold country was a land that was still little explored at the time. Wild and Nordic, it nevertheless suppresses an inestimable wealth of breathtaking landscapes. 

Puyjalon is considered one of the first ecologists in Quebec.

It therefore makes a point of making governments aware of the issues related to the plundering of natural resources and the importance of good management of the exploitation of natural resources in northern Canada. Its north-coastal adventures help to discover the boreal and northern ecosystem around the world. 

Its polar adventure, rocked by eternal solitude and the aridity of our maritime region, guides us through each distillation. Today, the Puyjalon Distillery transmits these values of authenticity, exploration, excellence and passion. Our mission is to offer the natural aromas from the northern riches of the shores of the Mingan archipelago in each of our bottles and to make Quebec's North Shore known to the four corners of the planet. The refinement and know-how of the Comte de Puyjalon guide us every day in order to distill our quality ingredients with virtuosity and thoroughness.